So at least once a month I treat myself to a club day. It has to be easy, a little relaxing, hanging out at the bar, watching sports on huge flatscreens, sizzling in the sauna and so on and so forth. But the absolute highlight is an extended fuck with one or the other bride, who roams cat-like through the ambience. I liked these girls, especially when they were really willing and spoiled me to the max. So I also liked to jump a few Euros more. Today it was time again, anticipation came up and I felt this absolutely horny tingling in my loins.

I rather went to the sauna club

At home, as always, I got away with a shabby excuse. With Monika I had the feeling anyway that she hadn’t cared about me for a long time. We lived next door to each other, she was involved in her charitable circles and in the meantime I let it all hang out in the sauna club. But to be honest, somehow I didn’t find my better half soooo tingly anymore either. The once slender young woman had become a ponderous matron who was better off in a church pew than with frivolous pillow talk.

And if I wanted to fuck her, she was ashamed of her curves. She only let me slide over her in the missionary position and behaved like a stiff stick. Tingling eroticism was something else and I could cum better in front of the screen, when I was once again one of the frivolous cam bitches. But in the sauna club I allowed myself a live adventure, at least once a month. On Friday I dropped the pen at 4 o’clock in the morning, shut down the monitor, brushed my teeth again and left.

The Azzurro was about 20 minutes from the center, in a dreary, boring industrial area. I parked my car in an anonymous side street and entered the cozy club a few minutes later. As always beautiful and unapproachable, Barbara a tall blonde at the reception, smiling and pushing my locker key into my hand. The lockers were in the basement, where I slowly undressed and put my neatly folded bundle of clothes into the metal cupboard. Afterwards I decided to take another shower. As the warm water pleasantly trickled over my body, I heard a soft whistle. A petite black-haired young woman, in teasing lingerie, grinned at me cheekily. I didn’t know her, she must have been new here. But the little one was always delicious with her playful breasts, the little apple bottom and the hip-length black hair. “My name is Ildiko, I’m from Hungary and I’m brand new at Azzurro,” she breathed seductively.
Not bad, that’s how I had imagined a hot-blooded Hungarian. Young and appetising as she was, actually my ideal bedtime companion. “If you like, we can go to my room right away”, Ildiko came up to me, took a towel from the bar and began to gently dry me. She could do that well and when she worked on my cock especially intensively, it started to stretch right away. “Oh, somebody is very impatient and above all quite big, I like that”, busily the young Hungarian started to massage my candy cane. “If you lick it, it gets even bigger”, quite excitedly I pulled her head to my best part. Hurriedly, her little tongue flew over it and tickled my small crack, where a glittering drop of lust had already formed.

But then she stopped abruptly, because I already started moaning quite a bit. “Come up to my room and I’ll blow you your strapping Max and do much more!” Ildiko wrapped a towel around my hips, held out her slippers and seductively took me by the hand. How old she might be, she had a young, firm body, but her face looked more like a woman in her mid-thirties. She probably looked like a teenager because of her petite figure and I’m sure her pussy was hot and tight.

“Here we are”, Ildiko opened a room door on the upper floor. The girls were not permanently employed at the Azzurro, but rented rooms for certain hours. I didn’t know this one yet, although I was a regular in the store. It was a bit spartanly furnished, but had everything you needed.

Horny sex at a reasonable price

And apart from that: horny sex does not depend on the furnishings. First we negotiated the price, Ildiko demanded 150 Euro for two hours. “Without rubber with kisses, and gladly also a little perverted”, she chirped suggestively to me and slowly began to strip in front of me. “If you like we can also take Lena, who is big with full boobs and likes to be fisted. Well, I wanted to do without that for the time being, first of all it would increase the costs enormously and secondly it was a bit violent for me. Especially when I imagined that my fist would rummage around in a pussy or even in a tight butt hole.

No, then rather classical sex, there were already enough variations that got me in shape and made me forget the boring office routine.