Hardcore Sex Stories (part 1 here). Now to the second part: He didn’t take long to ask her and licked her pussy, only to penetrate with his sticky tongue afterwards. Hm, how good the little hooker tasted, she had watered her delicious cunt for him and made her fuck fine. Meanwhile Tanja pinched her upright nipples and slid back and forth on the kitchen table. Well, she shouldn’t come that fast yet. At some point Wagner had enough, now the little buckle had to get him up to full speed, that was the whole point. If she wasn’t doing it for nothing, she should show what she could do. He didn’t torch for long, stroked his enormous cock and pressed his purple acorn between Tanja’s well supplied with blood labia. Here he was right, he played a little more and let his sensitive spot be irritated by the genital piercing. Then he grabbed Tanja’s ass with firm paws, jerked it forward and started. His huge butt slipped into her willing hole which he filled completely. Rhythmically he began to whirl through it, slowing down the tempo from time to time to enjoy her warm and humid tunnel excessively.

Encouraged by his greed, he whispered nine impudent words into the frivolous playmate’s ear. “Well, you little bitch, you like it when strangers press their straps into your cunt and give you a hard time,” and as if to underline his words, he pinched Tanja’s ass cheeks so hard that she howled in pain and spat angrily in his face.

“You damn bitch, just you wait, I’ll show you”, almost unconsciously he penetrated into her steaming cave. “Come on old man, fuck me, come with your stallion cock deep into my pussy“, Tanja also took part in the dirty talk and literally screwed Wagner towards her. He now started kissing her and was quite skilled at it. Then he nibbled Tanja’s ear and at the same time kneaded her excited nipples. “Man firmer,” she hissed, “I’ll be right there. But the janitor didn’t like that at all. The frivolous rendezvous was to take place after his direction. After all, he would later pay her two bills for it, and so it was a matter of course for him to decide.
Abruptly he pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy and ordered: “Turn around, let’s see what your back gate offers!

Disappointed, Tanja drew a snort, but she obediently followed his order, because Wagner’s rudeness made her totally furious. She liked aggressive guys who really showed her the ropes. Now she lay with her upper body draped on the kitchen table and the janitor examined her little rosette. “Have you ever had a big greedy cock up your ass, has a guy ever fucked you in the back there?” Wagner asked lurking and rubbed his heavy limb, which was dripping with pussy juice and emitting an animal scent. Tanja hesitated, once or twice she had had to endure the anal procedure, but somehow she couldn’t really get anything out of this sexual variant. To be honest, it was horrible, which was perhaps also due to her last lover, who was carved from a different wood than Wagner. When she thought back on it, cold shivers ran down her spine. Bernd didn’t have a real hard-on, but he wanted to park his rather pitiful strap in her rectum.

He fumbled and wavered and tried to crack her rosette as dry as a bone. Probably he had just watched too much porn, the whole procedure ended in an absolute fiasco, although Tanja would have loved to enjoy the backdoor eroticism. Fortunately, Wagner was the opposite and was bursting with vitality, and he hadn’t fallen on his head. He knew exactly that a well-lubricated hole could take up his hammer better and therefore he built ahead. Tanja’s rosette was richly anointed with butter, which he grabbed from a pot, then he tickled her wrinkled opening with two fingers and pinched her tight nipples with his free hand. “Oh, yeah, that’s what I wanted, go make me wide and soft,” Tanja whispered promisingly and rubbed her tight clit. Then he penetrated very carefully with his strong middle finger.

Turned it back and forth like a corkscrew, added the ring finger and stretched her butt hole gently but with principle. The fingers slid back and forth. Ouch, that stung a little, Tanja took a deep breath, but held her breath a little as Wagner’s third finger entered her rectum and stretched it further and further. Slowly she began to enjoy the frivolous movements and Wagner, satisfied with the procedure, patted her behind. Then it got serious, he positioned his big cock, played with the glans a little bit on her rosette, only to suddenly push the piece in with full force.

Just the thought of having sunk this mega-butt into her butt hole made his partner completely hot. “Relax and don’t squeeze your ass,” the janitor gave the order and Tanja gradually felt the feeling of tightness disappear in slow motion. Back and forth, in and out. Slowly and easily, firmly and hard. Tanja now imagined the well-cut acorn greedily exploring her anal mucosa, maybe there was already a love drop on his navel, just horny to take off.

Meanwhile Wagner had chosen a different pace, while he fucked her very firmly in the well stretched anus, he slapped alternately right and left on her bulging ass cheeks. “Come on, you horny fuck stallion” she still cheered him on, Wagner roared up like a wild bull and sprayed his warm cream into her rosette. Tanja followed him on the spot, an unknown tingling pulling had worked its way forward from the rectum and she experienced a fulminant orgasm, which stood out considerably from her vaginal pleasure moments. The frivolous bitch was now completely flooded, a lot of sperm ran out of her anus.
Wagner caught a little of his semen and pushed his fist roughly in front of Tanja’s mouth: “Go lick it off, it’s delicious, specially spiced cream! She tasted it very well, licked his whole hand clean.

… next time you may come in my mouth, let’s see if I can take your stallion tail very deep. When Tanja left hours later with two tickets, she had promised Wagner that she would drop by again, maybe even for free.

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