Tanja was a frivolous little slut and always looking for quick sex. Luckily it was summer and she could really show what she had to offer. To her bright red mini the sun-tanned blonde wore a tight-fitting tank top, which showed off her gorgeous tits wonderfully. She knew exactly that she could drive more than one man crazy with her charms and loved it when they looked at her totally horny. Even Mr. Wagner could hardly take his eyes off her. He was janitor in the apartment building where Tanja’s little apartment was located.

“Good morning”, Tanja, who was on her way to the hair salon, greeted him friendly.

“Hello sweetie, are you free for me tonight, I invite you to my place. We could eat a pizza together or maybe watch a movie”; Wagner examined her from top to bottom and breathed audibly.

Horny chick – a real fuck bitch

My God this chick was horny, the wickedness of her pleased the craftsman especially well. He was totally into nasty sluts and always allowed himself one from time to time. Hopefully Tanja did not notice immediately how he was doing. His cock began to stretch alarmingly, rubbing against his underpants and Wagner felt the fucking tingling in his loins.
Tanja pointed to his enormous bulge in his pants: “Mr. Wagner, don’t make any trouble, just tell me.

Fuck without a condom?

You want to fuck, with or without a condom?” Wagner was speechless, such a vulgar brat. She had seen right through him and his urges. But then he gathered himself together and replied in a firm voice: “That depends, you’re certainly not doing it for free, you want to supplement your hairdresser’s salary?

“Bingo, that’s right, so without a rubber there should be two nice bills in it,” Tanja said business-mindedly and quickly ran her little tongue over his lips.

When Wagner took the bait, it was once again renovated for a while. The small financial injection would certainly do her meager monthly salary good, and she loved to fuck. So why not combine business with pleasure. By the way, Tanja needed sex almost daily, just like other people need their daily bread. And if she hadn’t fucked for a week, she got very nervous. In order to satisfy her strong urge to some extent, she always resorted to her rich assortment of dildos and vibrators and made it herself. But the prospect of a dirty date, which would probably bring in a few more nice euros, was the purest mood enhancer for her.

Cunning bitch

“Done, but there are already some stops being made,” said the janitor grinning and rubbed his hands. He would soon get to grips with the little cheeky buckle. Maybe she also liked anal or even golden shower, as horny as the bitch was. Whistling he took his toolbox and wandered into the cellar. There he first had to give a hand, his taut rascal almost blew his pants and Wagner was very lucky that Mrs. Müllerschön was in the laundry room. She was already well over fifty, but what the heck. The peephole in his workshop now offered an ingenious view of Müllerschön’s bulging ass, while at the same time Tanja was haunting his head cinema with a blow job. It took less than two minutes and he had unloaded his belt by rubbing it violently. Man, what a horny morning, if it went on like this, the week could only be good.
Punctually at eight, Tanja stood in front of Wagner’s apartment, which was on the first floor. She rang the doorbell once or twice until the janitor opened. In boxer shorts and shining eyes. “Wow, you look good enough to eat again, by the way, I’m Gerd, you can call me Gerd. He generously handed her a glass in which it tingly pleasantly. True to her style, Tanja had only put on a cheeky little flag today. Her bulging tits rubbed frivolously against the thin fabric, her nipples pressed themselves against it and she had unceremoniously renounced the panties. Tanja was also pointed, because she liked Gerd very much.

She was a man of good standing, at least twice her age, with a muscular figure and a somewhat vulgarly cut face. The impressive bald shaven skull and clear tattoos even made Wagner really interesting. At home Tanja had made herself really birdlike: showered extensively, styled the blond mane, trimmed the pussy, straightened the genital piercing and applied a subtle scent. She drank a small sip of the sparkling liquid, watched Wagner from head to toe and came straight to the point: “Come on let’s fuck, best here in the kitchen I’m so horny and you turn me on totally.

She quickly pulled her dress over her head and stood in full splendor before Wagner. “Your tits, they are the purest pomelos”, then he didn’t hesitate for long, impetuously ripped open the zipper of his jeans and conducted a phenomenal limb to daylight. “Wow, he’s horny”, Tanja reached up to the magnificent specimen with its bluish veins and weighed it with one hand, when Gerd Wagner pushed her to the big kitchen table, where he placed the horny chick skilfully. “Come on old man, lick my pussy”, Tanja eyed Wagner’s enormous cock, whose dark red, plump acorn stared at her with excitement like the snake stared at the rabbit. But she didn’t want to feel his beating so quickly, she wanted to play a little, let’s see, maybe Wagner had fantasy. Now he spread her thighs wide with his claws and knelt before her juicy cut. “Man, do you have a tasty pussy,” commented the janitor on her rosy Venus mound, on which only a small landing strip had gotten lost.

That was only right and made Tanja’s job all honour. Then he pushed his massive skull forward, submerged himself in her beautiful view and let his hot tongue dance through the furrow. “Aaah, can you lick well, that tickles like crazy”, Tanja was amazed at the slumbering talents of the janitor. First he spoiled her pierced clit. Tanja moaned and wriggled like an eel on land: “You’re good, man, make it tighter, stick your tongue in my hole”, and pushed herself impetuously towards Wagner.

Be sure to read the continuation! You want to know how I felt during heavy anal sex …

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