Josephine had gotten a super job, as head of the IT department of a renowned bank, she always had a bulging account. The single woman, who lacked the time for a firm relationship, could now afford a lot of luxury and enjoy the beautiful life in her limited free time. Only one thing was missing, now and then, and lately more and more.

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An erotic tête-à-tête with a woman, a little affair with a young thing, where a little pillow talk would restore her libido.

Well, at home she had little helpers, a medium-sized assortment of dildos and vibrators kept her pussy on the go. She especially liked to do it in the shower. For this she had afforded a waterproof vibrator, in the higher price segment, with corresponding performance.
Also today it was time again, a gruelling office life lay behind her, with tough negotiations and nerve-wrecking discussions.

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Imme when she was very tense at work, she had to have sexual intercourse immediately. But in the end she was missing something: tender touches, shivers, aroused by women’s hands, passionate kisses and above all the scent of concentrated femininity.

In the bank there were already one or two colleagues who attracted her a lot, but there was an absolute taboo zone. Never get involved with an employee in the same building, that was one of her principles. In addition, no one was supposed to know about her intimate life, Josephine thought, and that was her own business. At some point, she would be on the road in Cologne, purely on business, of course. And that’s when she had the brilliant idea. She was going to have a special evening with an escort lady who was specialized in lesbianism. Excitedly, Josephine rummaged the Internet for appropriate agencies. Soon she had found exactly what she had been looking for so single-mindedly. Marisa, a delicate young escort lady with a girlish figure, long silky hair and an ice-blue look. The little one was not a gift, but Josephine was already so excited that she liked to look at these editions and spontaneously booked the tender creature.

She met Marisa in the lobby of her hotel and was completely enchanted from the very first moment. How beautiful she looked, how desirable, almost even more adorable than on her sedcard. The long blonde hair pinned up and only discreetly made up gave her something puristic, almost virginal.

Josephine was already hot and let her imagination run wild. Let’s see what the little one had to offer. Over a glass of champagne, Marisa suggested that she take a stroll through the illuminated old town of Cologne and just let herself drift. Josephine really enjoyed such evenings, a little culture, paired with good food and pleasurable sex. Until late into the night, the two of them had a great time until they arrived at the hotel in a very high spirits and in the best mood.

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Already in the elevator Marisa made seductive advances to her lady, knowing only too well that Josephine was expecting erotic fireworks. She kissed Josephine, her nimble tongue slowly slipped into the expectant lady’s mouth and performed a skillful play. Josephine breathed heavily, how much she enjoyed it and when Marisa pulled her tight, she was unconditionally devoted to the young escort lady. “Come let us bathe,” whispered the divine being, “that will do us good, and one more thing: just let me seduce you, you don’t really need to do anything else but enjoy. I gladly await your instructions, you must have preferences,” she winked at Josephine.

The room was very comfortably furnished with a large bed and a huge bathtub with chilled champagne and two glasses at the edge. Marisa let water into the huge tub, infused it with a fragrant essence and moved catlike towards Josephine. Then she began to undress the older one until she stood before her only in silk panties. “You are extremely attractive Josephine,” she whispered softly and caressed her large breasts tenderly. “Come, undress me,” with her ice-blue eyes she looked at Josephine with a pleading look, who gladly complied with her request. As if in slow motion, she defoliated her playmate and could not get enough of the young body. Especially the breasts almost drove her insane. Small tits with strawberry colored fleshy nipples.

Josephine irritated the pretty breasts with her hand, then she put a nipple in her mouth. Licked them hard, nibbled a little bit on them until the nipple curled and straightened up. “Come, my dear, let’s have a bath,” the two women entered the bathroom naked, where they were met with comforting warmth and a seductive scent. Josephine got into the tub and let the warm water surround her body. Foam crowns floated on the surface and Marisa’s soapy hands glided over her lady’s body. Then she stepped into the warm water and both of them gave in to her flattering play of hands. Tender fingertips flew over foam-crowned nipples and made a stop in the Venus delta of one or the other. In between, the two women enjoyed champagne and toasted each other. Later they lay heated up on the wide bed and Marisa skilfully licked over Josphine’s excited pearl. To increase her lust even more, she first penetrated the damp crevice with two fingers. “Oh, that feels so good, make it tighter for me,” whispered Josephine, and then the little beast put its tongue back in. Rau licked it over the defoliated labia, and fiercely flicked it into the pussy opening. “Fuck me even harder, push your dirty little fingers into my pussy,” growled Josephine, who was now totally off track, and twirled Marisa’s steel-hard nipples. “I want to feel your whole hand”, Josephine’s order was unmistakable and Marisa stared at the sweating and moaning lady.

With an ice-blue gaze, her brow raised a little. “Please, come on, I want you to give me a really hard time”, Josephine almost lost her voice, she started begging. Unusual for a woman who had both feet on the ground in her professional life. Unusual for a superior who was passionate about commanding her employees. Marisa let her petite hand slide into Josephine’s wet stretched pussy. Warm and wet and sticky, a very good feeling, now she formed her hand into a fist and slowly slipped in and out. Josephine pushed herself towards the escort lady and a few minutes later drifted off into an intoxicating orgasm that almost drove her out of her mind.
Later the two ladies lay exhausted on the bed, drank a little champagne, enjoyed sugar-sweet chocolates and made love again and again. Josephine also took the active part and made sweet young Marisa, who seemed so unapproachable, scream orgastically. In the early morning Marisa said goodbye. Josephine had gotten a nicely wrapped present for the agreed amount. Marisa joyfully opened the pretty package with her little hands, which had spoiled hours before Josephine’s pussy. And gave small cries of joy: Her favorite perfume.

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