Callgirl Valentina – A fetish story

The rain whips as Valentina drives up with the cab. Just this evening she has a customer she has known for a long time and who always pays well. She has just made herself comfortable in front of the TV with her boyfriend. A call comes in. 20 minutes later she is at the hotel reception desk where her customer checked in a few hours ago. She knows the concierge, who winks at her in a friendly manner and she knows her way around.

Escort Girl – She enjoyed it

She likes to work as a call girl, the job opens new horizons for her, gives her life a certain glamour. Offers a contrasting change to her job in a law firm. Mirco, her boyfriend, is initiated and takes it with composure. Especially since he also benefits from her earnings. And not only that, her intimate life is also made more exciting by the new experiences. But no one else suspects her. Neither her parents nor her friends know that she is an extremely imaginative call girl. And to give this talent to strange men for good money.

Sex date in a hotel

She has been in contact with Raimund, whom she is meeting tonight at the hotel, for quite some time. The sex date they had arranged recently. She knows how to fulfill his delicate preferences in a charming way. In the beginning she was rather reserved, but that was only because of her youthful ignorance. Therefore she accepted with gratitude the advice of a more experienced colleague. Raimund noticed her “willingness to learn” and she quickly became his dream woman.

Now she takes the elevator to the third floor, and when she gets out, the large, magnificent mirror comes in handy. She glances inwardly and throws a kissing hand to her image. This time she wears a small black shimmering silk dress and matt-finished nylons, and green knee-high rubber boots. She does without lingerie on principle, because stockings and shoes are the linchpin of her visit. Valentina can come up with almost anything. Whether breathtaking high heels, well-behaved ballerinas, tight leather boots with spiked heels or rough footwear. Her collection is impressive and what she doesn’t own, she borrows from friends.

foot fetishist

Raimund is a convinced foot and shoe fetishist, who by no means reaches his climax by a simple screwing. No, that would have been too banal and windless for him. But Valentina also knows that he has other desires up his sleeve. Again and again, he made corresponding allusions that set her delightful head cinema in motion.

The last time she had to present herself in the large fauteuil, with Raimund only focusing on the lower part of her body. His attention was focused on her slender legs, straplessly stocked with nylon stockings, equipped with daring ankleboots, which he draped over the armchairs. Wordlessly Raimund pulled his penis out of his pants. “Don’t move and don’t pull any lascivious snouts,” he ordered her in a rough voice. Slowly he began to jerk off his cock, which soon had reached a considerable size.

As an escort she experienced a lot

He pressed his limb to her smooth leg, ran his reddened glans over the synthetic material, which crackled softly. Sighed deeply and rubbed her delicate feet. He did this first with one leg, then with the other. Valentina watched him without batting an eyelid. She knew exactly, he was under high tension. But even she had to admit in silence that the spark of his horniness was ignited. All of a sudden Raimund came off. Almost tons of his sperm landed on the midnight blue ankleboats made of noble suede. They were decorated in bizarre splotches and patterns.

Today it is different, Escort Valentina has it already during the phone call with Raimund. There is something in the air that electrifies her. She knocks on the room door and it is opened. Valentina first has to get used to the diffuse light, but then she sees Raimund. He lies naked on the bed, a female being sits in the armchair and smiles at Valentina. Raimund introduces her as his wife Karin, who takes the sceptre in her hand without hesitation.

Go for the pussy

Like a general field marshal who does not tolerate contradiction, she gives orders to Raimund. He is to undress Valentina until she stands in front of him only in unsupported and coarse rubber boots. While he tampers with her dress, his wife pushes up her skirt and tampers with her pussy. She does not let Valentina and Raimund out of her sight and demands that the young call girl torture Raimund’s body with her rubber kicks. Raimund lies down on the ready box spring bed and Valentina starts the session. She is not one hundred percent comfortable, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Hesitantly she wanders over Raimund’s body. But when Karin hisses that she should bring in more drive, Valentina gets bolder. Dancing around on her willing victim, she lets him feel the grooved rubber soles with emphasis and notices how his cock straightens up. But not only Raimund shrugs with excitement. The scene does not seem to pass Karin without effect either, as her lustful moans testify.

Horny fetish games

My goodness, the things people prefer, Valentina thinks in silence and wonders if Mirco would enjoy such fetish games. Anyway, for her it is unusual, new, but at the same time very exciting. Now Karin wants to see something different, Raimund should finally take off Valentina’s rubber boots. Bravely he gets down to work, his tail is rocking completely in its hardness. At the front of the Nille a transparent drop of lust becomes noticeable.

Karin now stands behind him and demands that he moistens the nylons with his tongue. Valentina gets a strong smell in her nose and she decides to take an extensive bath at home. But the fetish circus is still going on. Meanwhile Raimund nibbles her toes and saliva runs out of the corners of his mouth, which gives him something ridiculous. And the whole time Karin is directing the show, with an icy cold voice she is directing Raimund and Valentina. Like now the finale: The young call girl is supposed to sit on Raimund’s face, even press herself on it, while he licks her rosy cleft.

When Valentina leaves the hotel half an hour later, admittedly a little dishevelled, she is satisfied. The whole thing was strange, but she cannot complain about her escort fee. But whether she could enthuse Mirco for these erotic finesses is written in the stars.